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Contemporary Argentina and the Rise of Brazil

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Article de revueRussell, Roberto ; Tokatlian, Juan G. (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina). Contemporary Argentina and the Rise of Brazil.  / Argentina actual y el ascenso de Brasil In  Special Issue: Latin American Responses to the Rise of Brazil  / Número especial: respuesta latinoamericana al ascenso de Brasil Bulletin of Latin American Research, 2016 vol. 35 no. 1 p. 20-33. Mots-clés:
Amérique Latine
Argentine | Brésil
Développement, Coopération | Economie, Entreprises, Industrie | Relaciones Internacionales
Percepciones de Argentina / Ascenso de Brasil / Política exterior / Opciones de estrategia
XXIe siècle

Résumé :

This article focuses on: (a) Argentine elites' perception of Brazil's international rise from 2001/2002 up to the present; and (b) the three strategic options implemented by Argentina as a response to Brazil's growing power and influence. These options – regionalism, light balancing and soft hedging – constitute a new typology, since the corresponding behaviors cannot be inscribed within the conventional logic of balancing or bandwagoning. The article concludes with brief comments on what could be seen as a new stage in bilateral relations.

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