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Negotiation of Terms of Address in a Chilean Television Talk Show

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Article de revueHelincks, Kris. (Ghent University, Bélgica). Negotiation of Terms of Address in a Chilean Television Talk ShowBulletin of Hispanic Studies, 2015 vol. 92 no. 7 p. 731-752. Mots-clés:
Information, communication, médias | Linguistique

Résumé :

This paper focuses on the negotiation and interactional shifts between the three terms of address in Chilean Spanish. The threefold Chilean address system is currently experiencing a linguistic change with an increasing use of voseo verb forms, which results in a complex sociolinguistic and pragmatic variability. The few empirical studies on the topic in Chilean Spanish mainly consider sociolinguistic factors, while intraspeaker shifts, albeit common in the variety, are mostly neglected. This paper examines these particularities from a pragmatic viewpoint, based on the discursive approach to the study of politeness of Watts (2003). Diverse macro and micro pragmatic factors are explored through an analysis of interview and humoristic discourse of a television talk show to gain better insight into the variability and dynamic meaning negotiation of the Chilean terms of address.

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