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Conferencia Anual SALALM: Preservando la Memoria

Congrès o simposium | - Philadelphia
Jueves 02 de junio de 2011
Conferencia Anual SALALM: Preservando la Memoria

Preserving Memory:
Documenting and Archiving Latin American Human Rights.
May 28- June 1, 2011

Memory and Memory Studies have emerged as fields critical to our understanding of social history. Nowhere is that more true than in Latin America where cultural and historical memory often lies in sharp contrast to the official history. As librarians, we are trained to be impartial recorders or collectors of history. Yet, the selections we make leave an indelible mark on recorded history. Undoubtedly, the sources we choose to preserve, or not preserve, today will influence future perception of current events. With this theme as a guide, I hope that we can address a variety of issues related to memory and human rights. Key questions are: What is historical memory? What influences historical memory? What role do libraries and archives have in preserving memory of human rights abuses? In terms of human rights, the program will address, but not be limited to, issues such as identity, health, public policy, women’s rights, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender rights and, of course, representations of human rights through literature and the arts. Most importantly, this program will include the role of libraries and archives, both physical and digital, in shaping and preserving this memory.

 Along with scholarly presentations and panels, the program will include presentations that highlight existing projects, museums, and institutes which already working to preserve memory in Latin America. In addition, workshops and roundtables designed to address practical questions will also be included. Finally, though the theme focuses on Latin America, in keeping with the interests of SALALM members, presentations on documenting and archiving memory in Spain, Portugal, or within the Hispanic/Latino communities in the United States are also welcome. Possible presentation topics include, but are not limited to:

• Theoretical approaches to memory, such as reconstructing social memory after an event or the effects of political influences on historical or social memory.

• Approaches to preserving memory through documents, data, oral histories, or the construction of memorial sites.

• Creating and archiving collections, the challenges of selecting and acquiring primary source materials.

• Providing access to collections through documentation, description, and digitization.

• Examining the immediate and practical effects of documenting human rights abuses.

Our hosts for 2011 are the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University in Philadelphia.
Joe Holub (University of Pennsylvania) and David Murray (Temple University) will lead the local arrangements team. SALALM LVI meetings will be held at the historic Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia, PA. This site is centrally located one block from Rittenhouse Square and is within walking distance to restaurants, shops, and performing arts venues.

Interested participants, presenters and panel organizers should contact the SALALM 2010-2011 president with proposals:

Nerea Llamas
University of Michigan
209 Hatcher Graduate Library
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190

Proposals should include your name, institution, contact information, proposed title and abstract. The deadline for proposals is February 1, 2011.

For local arrangements and exhibits queries, please contact Joe Holub (holub@pobox.upenn.edu) or David Murray (dcm@temple.edu).


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