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NUIJTEN, Monique - researcher (Países Bajos)

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Doctor | Wageningen Universiteit | Place of work: Wageningen

Faculty / Department: Leerstoelgroep Rurale Ontwikkelingssociologie

Doctorado, Universidad de Wageningen (1998).


Contact email:

Hollandseweg 1 6706 KN Wageningen

Phone:31 317 484 714

Other latin americanist activities:
Investigador KNAW, Universidad de Wageningen (desde 2000).

Lines of Research:
Comunidad y cuestión agraria / organización y gobernabilidad / administración y cultura política.

Subject and keywords:
Brazil | Mexico | Peru
Agriculture, Rural economy | Politics, Public Administration
20th century

Bibliography:NUIJTEN, Monique. What is in the land? The multiple meanings of land in a transnationalized Mexican village. En : HAAR, G. van der, ZOOMERS, A. (eds). Land and Sustainable Livelihood in Latin America, Amsterdam : Royal Tropical Institute KIT Publishers y Frankfurt : Iberoamericana - Vervuert Verlag, 2001, pp. 71-92.
NUIJTEN, Monique. The burden of kinship : transnational networks and the inheritance of lard in a Mexican family. En : ANDERSSON A., BREUSERS M., J. A. (eds). Kinship structures and enterprising actors : anthropological essays on development, Wageningen : Wageningen University, section sociology of rural development, 2001, pp. 57-76.

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