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CARLIN, Eithne B. - researcher (Países Bajos)

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Doctor | Universiteit Leiden | Place of work: Leiden

Faculty / Department: Instituut TCIA

Doctorado, University of Cologne, Germany (1992).


Contact email:

Franse Taal- en Letterkunde van Wijkplaats 2 2311 BX Leiden

Phone:31 71 527 2624/ 31 71 527 2501

Other latin americanist activities:
Post-doc research, Leiden University, Department of Comparative Linguistics, Languages and Cultures of Native America, (TCIA) (desde 1998).

Lines of Research:
Lingüística descriptiva. Idiomas y culturas de la Guayana y del Caribe.

Subject and keywords:
Culture | Linguistics | Literature
20th century

Bibliography:CARLIN, Eithne B. ARENDS, Jacques, Atlas of the Languages of Suriname, Leiden : KITLV Press, 2003.
CARLIN, Eithne B. Of riches and rhetoric : language in Suriname. En : HOEFTE, R., MEEL P. (eds). Suriname in the 20 th century : Continuities and Discontinuities in a New World Society, Kingston : Ian Randle Publishers, 2001.

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