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BLAUERT, Jutta - researcher (Reino Unido)

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Doctor | University of Essex | Place of work: Brighton

Doctorado, University of London, Wye College (1990).

Research group(s):
Institute of Development Studies


Contact email:

Tavistock Square 31 BN1 9RE Brighton

Phone:441 273 877 309

Lines of Research:
Política ambiental rural / Participación y desarrollo rural sustentable / Sociología ambiental

Subject and keywords:
Agriculture, Rural economy | Development, Cooperation | Environment, Ecology, Natural resources | Sociology, Social issues
20th century


BLAUERT, Jutta , GAVENTA M. Estrella et al. (eds). Learning from Change. Issues in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, London, IT, 2000.
BLAUERT, Jutta. 2000 Leaming To Change by Leaming From Change : Going to Scale with Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation. En : M. ESTRELLA, et.al. (eds). Learning from Change. Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, (with J. Gaventa), London, IT Publications.
BLAUERT, Jutta. Seeking local indicators : Participatory stakeholder evaluation of farmer to- farmer projects. En : Estrella, M., BLAUERT, J. et.al. (eds). Learning from Change. Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, London, IT Publications, 2000.

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