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Latin America European Portal
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European information and research on Latin America.The portal is the result of cooperation between the networks REDIAL and CEISAL, its objective is to offer a complete information system specialized in the European humanities and social science research on Latin America.

News | European information and research on Latin America

The agenda section sorts by date the latest news of the European and American continents for the researchers that are interested in Latin America.
Puentes bulletin
You can keep informed of the European activities by receiving our electronic bulletin "Puentes para un diálogo. Europa-América Latina" in your email box.
Events in Europe
The news disseminated through this news bulletin deals only with the European activities on Latin America: conferences or symposia, expositions, ...
Events in the Americas
The objective of the Latin American news bulletin is to disseminate the current academic activities in Latin American countries like México, Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, ...
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