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Review Studies in Hispanic Cinemas

Studies in Spanish & Latin-American cinemas

Review TECSISTECATL Revista Académica de Ciencias Sociales de México

Year: 2013 vol. 10 n. 2

Luengo, Ana. Transatlantic interpretations of Das Lied in mir/El día que no nací (Cossen, 2010): The appropriation of children in Argentina as narrated in German cinema .  / Interpretaciones transatlánticas de Das Lied in mir / El día que no nací (Cossen, 2010): La apropiación de niños en la Argentina como se narra en el cine alemán p. 137-149 Argentina
Dictadura argentina / Das Lied in mir / Apropiación de niños / Responsabilidad internacional / Política de la memoria / Estudios transatlánticos
Siglo XX | Siglo XXI


In this article I analyse the German movie Das Lied in mir/El día que no nací by Florian Cossen (2010) as an example of the European narration of crimes committed by the last Argentinian military junta. Latin American dictatorships are symbolic places of memory which suggest and permit a moral reflection about the crimes of the state in global terms. My point of departure is that the movie, which deals with the illegal appropriation of children, has various potential receptions that are enabled by both the story and intermedial references. I focus on how the film introduces a new approach in the discussion about the politics of memory by relating it to other Argentinian movies and intellectual discourses about this topic. Against this background, the article discusses two different interpretations: first, from an intercontinental perspective, the movie reminds us of the ignominious European responsibility for crimes committed by South American dictatorships. Second, without this historic-political reflection, it suggests an existentialist meaning directed at an international public.

Studies in Spanish & Latin-American cinemas
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Formerly published as Studies in Hispanic Cinemas, 2004-2013, the journal is dedicated to the study of Spanish-speaking and Latin American cinemas. Coverage includes the cinemas of Spain and Spanish-speaking South, Central and North America, including the Caribbean, and Brazil. Our target readership includes students, teachers and scholars. The double-blind peer-reviewed journal is written in English to maximize the opportunities for contact between academic disciplines such as Media, Film Studies, Latin American and Post- colonial Studies, as well as Hispanic Studies, thereby encouraging an inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary focus.

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