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Review Studies in Hispanic Cinemas

Studies in Spanish & Latin-American cinemas

Review TECSISTECATL Revista Académica de Ciencias Sociales de México

Year: 2010 vol. 7 n. 2

Tierney, Dolores. Emilio Fernández ‘in Hollywood’: Mexico’s postwar inter-American Cinema, La perla/The Pearl (1946) and The Fugitive (1948) .  / Emilio Fernández "en Hollywood": cine interamericano en la posguerra de México, La perla/The Pearl (1946) y El Fugitivo (1948) p. 81-100 México
Emilio Fernández / La misión de posguerra de Hollywood / John Ford / Cine nacional mexicano / RKO / Películas transnacionales
Siglo XX | Siglo XXI


Between 1945 and 1947 Emilio Fernández, the director of classics like Maria Candelaria (1943a) and Flor Silvestre (1943b) and Mexico’s most significant auteur, made two films with Hollywood studio RKO: La perla/The Pearl (1946a) and The Fugitive (Ford 1948a). Through analysis of these films and their production context, as well as insights gained from the production files, this article will attempt to shed new light on the role Fernández and these inter-American films played both in Hollywood’s postwar mission in the United States, Mexico and Latin America and in Mexico’s own national industry.

Studies in Spanish & Latin-American cinemas
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Formerly published as Studies in Hispanic Cinemas, 2004-2013, the journal is dedicated to the study of Spanish-speaking and Latin American cinemas. Coverage includes the cinemas of Spain and Spanish-speaking South, Central and North America, including the Caribbean, and Brazil. Our target readership includes students, teachers and scholars. The double-blind peer-reviewed journal is written in English to maximize the opportunities for contact between academic disciplines such as Media, Film Studies, Latin American and Post- colonial Studies, as well as Hispanic Studies, thereby encouraging an inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary focus.

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