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Stockholm Review of Latin American Studies

Review Studien zur portugiesischsprachigen Welt
Stockholm Review of Latin American Studies
Paper | Free numerical version | Anual | Sweden Print ISSN: 1654-0204
Year of creation: 2006
End date: 2013

Publisher: Latinamerikainstitutet, Stockholm
Address: Institute of Latin American Studies
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm

The Stockholm Review of Latin American Studies is a peer reviewed journal that disseminates scholarly views on contemporary issues with relevance to people in Latin American countries. It differs from most conventional journals in its cross-disciplinary scope and by offering both writers and readers a more immediate access to a Latin Americanist forum for intellectual reflection and critique.
Each issue is compiled by guest editors responsible for its coherence and for introducing its set of essays. Authors retain full copyright and although the journal’s editorial group assesses the scholarly originality of each contribution prior to publication, neither the editors nor the Institute of Latin American Studies at Stockholm University are responsible for the views expressed by individual authors.
The Stockholm Review of Latin American Studies is part of the Latin American Futures research environment and was founded with the financial support of the Sida/Asdi Department for Research Cooperation (SAREC).

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