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Year: 2012 vol. 13 n. 4

Raymond, Chase Wesley. Generational Divisions: Dialect Divergence in a Los Angeles-Salvadoran Household. p. 297-316 El Salvador
Español chicano/Estados Unidos; lengua materna; español salvadoreño; dialecto de contacto; términos de tratamiento (voseo/tuteo)


Parodi (2003; 2004; 2009a; 2009b; 2011) has proposed and evidenced the existence of a Los Angeles, California dialect of Spanish called Los Angeles Vernacular Spanish (LAVS). This ‘rur-urbana koiné’ is argued to be based on rural Mexican Spanish dialects but with its own unique characteristics as well. The author affirms that Latin American immigrants to the region (not only Mexicans but also Salvadorans, Hondurans, etc.) accommodate their speech to LAVS outside of the home, but maintain the use of their original dialect inside, while their children born in the region acquire solely the LAVS dialect. The present ethnographic study seeks to discover how these claims play out in natural, real-time interactions amongst the members of a Salvadoran family living in Los Angeles. Through an in-depth breakdown of both phonological (/s/-aspiration, /n/-velarization, /y/-deletion, and /y/-epenthesis) and morphosyntactic (voseo and tuteo) features of the different family members’ speech, we confirm the presence of three distinct dialects in the home: two Salvadoran (one employed by the mother, another by the father), and one ‘Angelino’, used by the children. The results thereby support Parodi’s theory that Los Angeles possesses its own dialect and speech community which are distinct from those of other varieties of Spanish.

Hispanic Research Journal
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