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Year: 2006 vol. 25 n. 3

Gledhill, John  Resisting the Global Slum: Politics, Religion and Consumption in the Remaking of Life Worlds in the Twenty-First Century . [Trad. Resintiendo al Barrio Bajo Global: Política, Religión y Consumo en la Nueva Versión de la Vida en los Mundos del Siglo XXI] p. 322-339 América Latina


The volatility of Latin American society is producing political challenges to neoliberal capitalism, but these are complicated by the transformations neoliberalism has wrought in everyday social life. This paper explores tensions between movements to 'democratise democracy' and politics orientated to controlling the national state, while also considering apolitical forms of 'resistance' to humiliating conditions of life and the impact of new religious movements. I argue that although no instant utopias are likely, there are positive as well as negative possibilities in the way that apparently contradictory developments are combining to transform the established historical contours of hegemony in the region.

Knight, Alan  Patterns and Prescriptions in Mexican Historiography . [Trad. Modelos y Sugerencias en la Histografia Mexicana ] p. 340-366 América del Norte

This article offers a short resumé of recent Mexican historiography in the national (post-1810) period, noting three clusters of innovative research: post-independence politics; Porfirian economic history; and regional studies of the Mexican Revolution. It then addresses the recent call for historians of Mexico and Latin America to 'reclaim the political', analysing the implications of this kind of bold prescription which, it argues, is misguided in both historiographical and political terms.

Newson, Linda A.  Medical Practice in Early Colonial Spanish America: A Prospectus . [Trad. La Práctica Medical al Principio de la Colonia Española en América: Un Prospecto] p. 367-391 América Latina

This paper outlines the current state of research on medical practice in early colonial Spanish America. It argues that medical practice in Spain was more diverse than generally supposed, and that this complicated the exchange that occurred between Native American, African and European medical traditions in the Americas. Control of medical practice in Spanish America was exercised not through the establishment of state institutions, but through the close working of the state and the Church that on the one hand promoted medical care as a charitable activity and on the other sought to suppress practices that were incompatible with Catholic beliefs. However, due to the shortage of trained medical practitioners, the authorities were relatively tolerant of alternative medical practices and this enabled a process of exchange and fusion. The paper illustrates these processes with respect to medical practice in Cartagena de Indias in the early seventeenth century. It concludes with suggestions of avenues for future research.

Gilbert, Alan  Good Urban Governance: Evidence from a Model City?. [Trad. Buena Gobernabilidad Urbana: ¿Evidencia de una Ciudad Modela?] p. 392-419 América Latina ; América del Sur

Few cities in Latin America provide much evidence of good governance. However, during the last fifteen years, Bogotá has been transformed and now qualifies in certain respects as an example of 'best practice'. The paper considers how Bogotá changed and whether it can continue its improvement, an especially interesting question insofar as a left-wing administration has been in charge since 2004. Of course, the city is by no means perfect and national issues continue to create difficulties both for the poor and for the local administration.

Clarke, Colin  Politics, Violence and Drugs in Kingston, Jamaica . [Trad. Política, Violencia y Drogas en Kingston, Jamaica] p. 420-440 Caribe


The involvement of gangs, guns and ganja (marijuana) in Jamaica has, since independence in 1962, largely been confined to the capital, Kingston, and more specifically to the downtown, impoverished sections of the city known locally as the ghetto. This paper examines the characteristics of the ghetto; the context that it provides for political patronage among Kingston's most marginalised citizens; the evolution of certain downtown constituencies into garrison communities; and the separation between politics and drug violence that has marked the last twenty years, as Colombian cocaine has displaced locally-produced ganja as the key drug to be consumed and traded.

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