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The Czech and Slovak emigration to Argentina in the Archive of the Náprstek Museum in Prague

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Article of journal Hingarová, Vendula V. (Universidad Carolina). The Czech and Slovak emigration to Argentina in the Archive of the Náprstek Museum in Prague.  / La emigración checa y eslovaca a Argentina en el Archivo del Museo Náprstek en Praga Ibero-Americana Pragensia, 2017 vol. XLV no. 1 p. 101-116. Keywords:
Demography, Population, Migrations | History
Emigración checa / Argentina / Archivo del museo Náprstek / Asociaciones de compratiotas / Periódicos de compatriotas checos / Colección de fotografías de Argentina / Correspondencia / Memorias de emigrantes / Jan Purkrábek / František Čech-Vyšata / Juan Jetmar
20th century | 21st century


This article aims to provide information about archive sources relating to the Czech emigration to Argentina held in the Náprstek Museum in Prague. The study provides a detailed inventory of the material found in the Náprstek emigrants’ records. The material documents the activities of the Czechs and Slovak emigrants and their organization in Argentina, as well as the agenda of the Czechoslovak institutions dealing with the emigration issue. This material includes compatriot newspapers, correspondence and manuscripts of compatriot organizations, written and oral memories of the emigrants and their descendants. The unique material includes chronicles of several compatriots associations in Buenos Aires, travel memoirs of the Czech traveler Čech-Vyšata and the writings of Jan Purkrábek and Juan Jetmar. The Museum also preserves an extensive photographic record of Czech and Slovak emigration centers in Argentina covering the period from 1907 to 2014

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