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The Routledge companion to Latin American cinema

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Libro 2017 The Routledge companion to Latin American cinema
BookD'Lugo, Marvin ; López, Anna M. ; Podalsky, Laura (ed.). The Routledge companion to Latin American cinema. Series : Routledge media and cultural studies companions. London: Routledge, 2017, 400 p. ISBN 978-1-138-85526-7
South America | Caribbean | Southern Cone
Argentina | Brazil | Chile | Cuba | Mexico
Cinema, Photography | Culture | Information, Communication, Media | Music
Historiografía ; perspectiva ; cine latinoamericano
Contemporary period | 20th century | 21st century


The Routledge Companion to Latin American Cinema is the most comprehensive survey of Latin American cinemas available in a single volume. While highlighting state-of-the-field research, essays also offer readers a cohesive overview of multiple facets of filmmaking in the region, from the production system and aesthetic tendencies, to the nature of circulation and reception. The volume recognizes the recent "new cinemas" in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, and, at the same time, provides a much deeper understanding of the contemporary moment by commenting on the aesthetic trends and industrial structures in earlier periods. The collection features essays by established scholars as well as up-and-coming investigators in ways that depart from existing scholarship and suggest new directions for the field.

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