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Intégration et leadership en Amérique du Sud : la difficile émergence du Brésil comme puissance régionale

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Article of journalMuxagato, Bruno. Intégration et leadership en Amérique du Sud : la difficile émergence du Brésil comme puissance régionaleCritique internationale, avril-juin 2016 no. 71 p. 91-108. Keywords:
South America | Latin America
Politics, Public Administration | Relaciones Internacionales
Amérique latine ; Brésil ; régionalisme ; intégration régionale ; leadership régional ; politique étrangère
Contemporary period | 20th century | 21st century


Regional Integration and Leadership in South America: The Complex Rise of a Brazilian Led Pole S outh America is one of the most dynamic regions in terms of integrationalist initiatives. This regionalism accompanies the process of globalization and allows the continent to affirm itself in the context of ever present global interdependence. In this configuration, how can we understand Brazil’s foreign policy choices? In fact, the Lusophone power seeks to create a South American pole to maximize its insertion into the new multipolar international system. Brazil’s strategic rapprochement with its neighbors nonetheless carries mutual distrust and rivalries between actors in the region. Brazil is thus ensuring the building of a regional leadership on the basis of “consensual hegemony”, by seeking approval from its neighbors in its immediate geopolitical space. It is an attempt for Brazilian policy makers to move beyond a short-term strategy in terms of defending their national interests, by obtaining the approbation of neighboring states to a truly collective project. This will imply that Brazil incurs some of the necessary costs of leadership.

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