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There Is No Reciprocity. Latin America and Europe – Unequal Entanglements

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Article of journalBraig, Marianne. (Freie Universität Berlin, Institute for Latin American Studies - Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science, Alemania). There Is No Reciprocity. Latin America and Europe – Unequal EntanglementsdesiguALdades.net Working Paper Series, 2016 no. 91 Keywords:
Latin America
Relaciones Internacionales | Sociology, Social issues
Latin America | Europe | commodities | unequal entanglements | silver


This paper presents the transformations of Latin American-European relations over time as an interdependent unequal relationship. These relations have been shaped by exports of commodities, including the enrichment of European foodways with indigenous Latin American crops and the environmentally destructive extraction of natural resources and commercial export agriculture. The transformation under colonialism led not only to the settlement of Europeans in Latin America but also to the Atlantic slave trade. The consequence of these relations of domination even today is a limited acknowledgement of Latin America as being more than an extension of Europe. With the end of European immigration to and from Latin America, the role of the United States has grown instead, and increasingly developments in Latin America have also taken on their own dynamics, decoupled from Europe. In the coming decades, relations with China which have grown rapidly in commerce and commodity exports are likely to transform the role of Europe in the region yet again.

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