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The Limits of the Estado Docente: Education and Political Participation in Perú, 1876-1940

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Article of journalArroyo Abad, Leticia. (Middlebury College, Estados Unidos). The Limits of the Estado Docente: Education and Political Participation in Perú, 1876-1940.  / Los límites del Estado docente: Educación y participación política en Perú, 1876-1940 Revista de Historia Económica. Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, 2016 vol. 34 no. 1 p. 81-109. Keywords:
Education | History | Politics, Public Administration
educación; participación política; Perú
19th century | 20th century


The power of the elites became the dominant explanation of the extension of the franchise and expansion of the provision of public services. Peru from 1876 to 1940 presents a contrasting case. Although restricting political participation through literacy requirements, Peru saw an increase in literacy and schooling. Nevertheless, the relative power of the national and local elites articulated the national policies resulting in unequal provision of education. Constrained political access of the economic minority, the indigenous population, translated into a widening gap in terms of educational attainment.

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