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Containing Brazil: Mexico's Response to the Rise of Brazil

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Article of journalCovarrubias, Ana. (El Colegio de México, México). Containing Brazil: Mexico's Response to the Rise of Brazil.  / Conteniendo a Brasil: la respuesta de México al ascenso de Brasil In  Special Issue: Latin American Responses to the Rise of Brazil  / Número especial: respuesta latinoamericana al ascenso de Brasil Bulletin of Latin American Research, 2016 vol. 35 no. 1 p. 49-63. Keywords:
Brazil | Mexico
Politics, Public Administration | Relaciones Internacionales
CELAC / MERCOSUR / Consejo de seguridad / UNASUR
21st century


Historically, relations between Brazil and Mexico have not been particularly close. One of the consequences of Brazil's rise was to draw the two countries together, although not necessarily in a harmonious way. The article argues that Mexican governments resented Brazil's attempts at becoming a global player at a time when they pursued the same goal. Mexico's response to Brazil's international projection was to approach it, trying to contain it, and to avoid exclusion from regional initiatives.

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