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The world of syncopation: dynamics in music and culture

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Dossier en una revista 2015 The world of syncopation: dynamics in music and culture
Thematic section of a journalVV.AA. The world of syncopation: dynamics in music and cultureBrasiliana - Journal for Brazilian Studies, 2015 vol. 4 no. 1 Keywords:


Henrique Cazes and Antonio Nóbrega shared the stage for the Friday night plenary session at the twelfth congress of the Brazilian Studies Association (BRASA), in London in August of 2014. Cazes, the eminent cavaquinista and scholar of choro, delivered an illuminating lecture on the transformation of polka into maxixe, exploring not merely the rhythmic dislocation that made this transformation possible, but the social and political dislocations that provided the context and echoes for the musical evolution. Cazes’s model presentation built irrefutably from one musical example to the next, walking us through the transformation of Brazilian popular music in a memorable display of precise logic.

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