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Stabilization as the securitization of Peacebuilding? The experience of Brazil and MINUSTAH in Haiti

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Article of journalNapoleão, Thomaz Alexandre Mayer; Kalil, Mariana Alves da Cunha. (Misión Permanente de Brasil en Naciones Unidas; Univ. Federal de Rio de Janeiro, Brasil). Stabilization as the securitization of Peacebuilding? The experience of Brazil and MINUSTAH in HaitiIn  Brazilian Participation in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations Brasiliana - Journal for Brazilian Studies, 2015 vol. 3 no. 2 p. 87-112. Keywords:
Brazil | Haiti
Relaciones Internacionales | Security and Defence
Estabilización; Política exterior brasileña; proceso de paz; Haití; MINUSTAH


The acknowledgement that many vulnerable societies relapse into violence in the aftermath of the withdrawal of peacekeeping operations has underscored the imperative of developing sustainable exit strategies. Stabilization has hence emerged as a possible means to promote short-term security while avoiding direct political responsibility over complex crises, but the meaning of the term and its consequences remain disputed. The aim of this contribution is to examine the conceptual, academic and diplomatic debate over the concept of stabilization in peace operations by addressing the case of the United Nations Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti (MINUSTAH), and Brazil’s multidimensional role in it.

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