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From Seashore to Seashore: The Cross-Atlantic Agenda of the Publisher António de Sousa Pinto

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Article of journalMedeiros, Nuno. (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, Portugal). From Seashore to Seashore: The Cross-Atlantic Agenda of the Publisher António de Sousa PintoPortuguese Studies, 2015 vol. 31 no. 1 p. 84-93. Keywords:
Culture | Economy, Companies, Industry
Industria editorial; António de Sousa Pinto
20th century


During the whole of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century the transatlantic book trade was plainly asymmetrical, with Brazil seen by book vendors in Portugal as a natural extension of their market, destined to import books — a situation due largely to the incipient nature of Brazilian book production. However, the rapid development of the Brazilian printing and publishing industry in the first half of the twentieth century brought profound changes in the circulation of print material and in the traditional movements in the transatlantic book trade. Aware of those changes, some publishers and booksellers sought ways of expanding their businesses, by creating new openings for the circulation of books between the two countries. Taking the particular case of António de Sousa Pinto and his three Luso-Brazilian publishing ventures of the 1940s (Livros de Portugal, Edições Dois Mundos and Livros do Brasil), this article tries to understand the way publishers behaved in bringing together the two sides of the Atlantic closer together for the Lusophone book.

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