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Power tug of war: hegemonic and posthegemonic text control in Gustavo Sainz's Obsesivos días circulares (1969)

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Article of journalCarpenter, Victoria. Power tug of war: hegemonic and posthegemonic text control in Gustavo Sainz's Obsesivos días circulares (1969).  / Arrastre del poder de la guerra: hegemonía y poshegemonía en el control de textos de "Obsesivos días circulares" de Gustavo Sainz (1969) Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies, 2014 vol. 20 no. 1 p. 31-49. Keywords:
Onda mexicana / Control de texto / Propiedad de texto / Masculinidad hegemónica / Posthegemonía / Narrador y editor / Subordinación de personaje
20th century


This article examines the novel Obsesivos días circulares (1969) by Gustavo Sainz from the point of view of the narrator's and characters' attempts to control the text. It analyses the distribution of influence on the text between the first-person narrator (Terencio) and one of the key characters (Leticia), and the changing locus of text control in the narrative line that includes Leticia. First, I examine Terencio's letters to Leticia and determine whether the text construct Leticia is created and manipulated through them. Secondly, I concentrate upon a section of Chapter 3 which appears to be a non-sequitur in the context of the narrative as a whole; it contains a vignette of a party where an apparently enigmatic exchange takes place between Terencio and Leticia. Finally, the article will address the changes in the narrator's character as a result of this encounter and the subsequent shift and split of the locus of text control between the narrator and one of the characters. Since the article explores various means of the distribution of text control, the theoretical foundation used here will include hegemonic masculinity and the relationship between hegemony and posthegemony in the context of text control.

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