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Unstressed vowel reduction in Cochabamba, Bolivia

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Article of journalSessarego, Sandro. (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison, Estados Unidos). Unstressed vowel reduction in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  / Reducción de vocal no acentuada en Cochabamba, Bolivia Revista internacional de lingüística iberoamericana, 2012 no. 20 p. 213-227. Keywords:
Español cochabambino; Reducción de vocales átonas; Fonología Articulatoria; Teoría H&H


This paper provides an account of unstressed vowel reduction (UVR) in Cochabambino Spanish. Phonetic and social variables (gender, age) are analyzed to determine the internal and external factors regulating UVR variability among middleclass Cochabambino Spanish speakers. Results are further analyzed in light of the theoretical frameworks provided by Articulatory Phonology (Browman/Goldstein 1989) and H&H Theory (Lindblom 1990).

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