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The 6th Nolan Conference - "Latin America in Movement: Power, Spaces and Subjectivities America Latina en Movimiento: Poder, espacios y subjetividades"

Convocatoria | Suecia - Estocolmo : Instituto de Estudios Latinoamericanos, Universidad de Estocolmo
Hasta el 27 de enero de 2012
The 6th Nolan Conference - "Latin America in Movement: Power, Spaces and Subjectivities
America Latina en Movimiento: Poder, espacios y subjetividades"

Nolan, la Red Nórdica de Investigación sobre América Latina (Nordic Latin American Research Network) invita a participar a su 6a conferencia que tendrá lugar en Estoclomo (Suecia) en April de 2012. El Instituto de Estudios Latinoamericanos de la Universidad de Estcolomo será anfitrión de conferencia sobre el tema "America Latina en Movimiento: Poder, espacios y subjetividades".

Submission of proposals for sessions: November 4, 2011

Submission of individual abstracts: January 27, 2012

Call for sessions
We welcome proposals for sessions and especially encourage the cooperation between organisers from different universities. A proposal with the name of the organiser/s, the title of the session and a description of the content of the session of no more than 200 words should be sent to Professor Mona Rosendahl (mona.rosendahl@lai.su.se) no later than November 4, 2011. Please, write ‘Nolan Stockholm’ as the topic of your e-mail. Accepted sessions will be posted on the web-site in November 2011.

Latin America is on the move. The conference invites you to explore the concept of movement in all its different aspects such as mobility along class, ethnicity and gender lines, movements of people within nation-states as well as across borders but also people’s collective endeavours to give meaning to and improve their life through different social and cultural expressions in a short-term and a long-term perspective.
The neoliberal order of the so-called Washington Consensus is no longer perceived as the only alternative to continental and national progress. In many countries numerous initiatives have appeared creating new forms of state-society relations, policies and economic strategies. To a large extent these options are grounded in the ideal of an active and participative citizenship. The ways in which individuals and groups engage in society, re-enter politics, empower themselves and create their subjective understandings are placed at the centre of this conference.
We ask questions about changing roles and positions in the rethinking of the global order, and about power-relations in a continent moving away from neo-liberal hegemony. We invite you to discuss the spaces within and from which people struggle, co-operate, form movements and take on roles as political, legal, social, cultural and economic agents; the role of individuals and civil society in the implementation of reforms in Latin America; the impact of trade in a globalised world; the idea of the nation within new state-society relations and the significance of violence in Latin American society.
Towards what and where is Latin America heading? We encourage you all to share your research on a “Latin America in Movement”.

Updates about the conference will be published on our web-site www.lai.su.se/nolan2012.

Welcome to Stockholm and the Institute of Latin American Studies
in April 2012!

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