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Simposio 922: "Interdependent Transnational Inequalities and National Politics and Policies in the Americas" - ICA 2012

Convocatoria | Austria - Viena
Hasta el 31 de agosto de 2011
Simposio 922: "Interdependent Transnational Inequalities and National Politics and Policies in the Americas" - ICA 2012

Simposio para el 54 Congreso Internacional de Americanistas, (Viena, 2012): Interdependent Transnational Inequalities and National Politics and Policies in the Americas.

Coordinadores: Puhle Hans-Jürgen Goethe University Frankfurt, Institute of Political Science Frankfurt Austria); Braig, Marianne (Lateinamerika Institut, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlín, Alemania); Sabato, Hilda (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Convocan a los interesados a enviar sus propuestas de ponencias (título, resumen de entre 1.000 a 2.000 caracteres, 3 a 5 palabras clave, nombre del ponente, grado académico e institución de adscripción) a los coordinadores antes del 31 de agosto de 2011.

Además, para formalizar la presentación de la propuesta de ponencia será indispensable enviarla utilizando el formulario en línea en la página del ICA.

Breve fundamentación del simposio: This panel will discuss from a power-analytical perspective the socio-political dimensions of economic and social inequalities within and beyond the nation state(s). The Americas have been characterized by severe and highly persisting forms of social, economic, cultural, and political inequalities throughout their history. Consequently the Latin American and North American debates on reducing inequalities have marked politics, policies and civil society movements. These debates will be addressed by the panel from different regional perspectives. The papers will discuss, e.g., the complex relationship between transnationally induced problems and (usually) national channels for their ‘solution’, the different aspects of citizenship and social inclusion and exclusion, the various strategies of empowerment, the mechanisms of redistribution (at various levels), the respective requirements for ‘stateness’ and functioning powers that can deliver, and the transnational processes of communication and learning by the actors involved.

Palabras claves: transnational inequalities, stateness, citizenship, redistribution, interdependencies.

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