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Simposio 478: "Migrations and Transnational Exchange in Latin America, 1850-1950" - ICA 2012

Convocatoria | Austria - Viena
Hasta el 31 de agosto de 2011
Simposio 478: "Migrations and Transnational Exchange in Latin America, 1850-1950" - ICA 2012

Simposio para el 54 Congreso Internacional de Americanistas, (Viena, 2012): Migrations and Transnational Exchange in Latin America, 1850-1950.

Coordinadores: Goebel Michael (European University Institute Firenze Italia); Rinke, Stefan (Freie Universität Berlin, Berlín, Alemania).

Convocan a los interesados a enviar sus propuestas de ponencias (título, resumen de entre 1.000 a 2.000 caracteres, 3 a 5 palabras clave, nombre del ponente, grado académico e institución de adscripción) a los coordinadores antes del 31 de agosto de 2011.

Además, para formalizar la presentación de la propuesta de ponencia será indispensable enviarla utilizando el formulario en línea en la página del ICA.

Breve fundamentación del simposio: This panel proposes to bring to bear recent approaches to global and transnational history to the historiography of Latin America in the period ranging from 1850 to 1950. Its starting point is the increasing questioning of traditional nation-state focused historiography, whose explanatory potential even for periods preceding the coining of the term “globalization” is becoming more doubtful, as the ability of historians to research the flows of people, ideas and goods across national boundaries is growing due to accelerating global communication. Our main aim is to study the interaction between transnational movements and identity formations, which often, but by no means exclusively, had “the nation” as their central point of reference. In other words, the panel seeks to explore how movements, primarily of people and of ideas, across national boundaries related to the imaginary (re-)drawing of these boundaries. Rather than assuming that an increase in transnational flows and exchange entailed socio-cultural homogenization or a unidirectional undermining of differences, our premise is that cross-fertilization as well as demarcation became enmeshed in a complex interplay. In order to examine this interplay we chose to focus on a period that saw an enormous growth of global movements and communications as well as a deepening of the cultural, political and economic prerogatives of nation-states as a primary structuring element of social life. We are thereby trying to bring into focus the relationship between what Charles Maier has interpreted as the age of “territoriality” (especially from 1870 onwards) and those movements cross-cutting this territoriality. To advance our knowledge of this relationship for the case of Latin America, we especially encourage the application of historians pursuing comparative approaches and/or seek to bring to bear broad theoretical debates in recent global history to their research on Latin America. Papers are welcome in English and Spanish.

Palabras claves: migration, transfer, global history, Latin America.

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