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NorLARNet Conference 2011: Collaborators or Contenders? Norwegian Research, Business and Politics in Latin America CALL FOR PAPERS/SESSIONS

Convocatoria | Noruega - Bergen
Hasta el 25 de agosto 2011
NorLARNet Conference 2011:

Collaborators or Contenders?
Norwegian Research, Business and Politics in Latin America

26-27 October 2011, Bergen Scandic Hotel

The second conference of Norwegian Latin America Research Network (NorLARNet) aims to bring together participants from the academic, business and governance ‘communities’ to discuss current patterns of change in the region, and possibilities for these communities to work closer together to better understand and affect positive change. Several questions are at the core of what the conference is trying to achieve: How can academic research prepare the political and business communities in their involvement with Latin America? How can Norwegian research, business and foreign policy contribute to ongoing positive trends in the region? What dangers are involved in our engagement?


The first day of the conference will be dedicated to broader plenary discussions on these questions involving participants from these ‘communities’. The second day will be focused on research presentations in parallel sessions.

The conference is open for participation. All meals and conference attendance will be covered for registered participants. Registration fee 400 NOK.

This is an invitation to submit proposals for sessions and abstracts of individual papers for the Second NorLARNet conference.

Parallel sessions
A session’s proposal should identify a coherent topic that can be addressed by four or more papers. As a proposer of an accepted session, you will become the session chair. Preliminary proposals include the following topics:
 Religion and Politics in Latin America
 Migrations and Latin America Today
 Poverty and Politics in Contemporary Brazil and Mexico: Comparative Perspectives
 Violence, Public Security and Human Rights in Latin America
 Extracting Justice? Resource Extraction and Development in the Andes
 Contemporary Latin American Film
 The Grass Root and the State
 Business Strategies and Economic Development in the New Global Context

Other topics and individual presentations are welcome. Proposals for paper sessions should be sent
as soon as possible (and not later than 25th August) to norlarnet@uib.no

Abstracts and papers
Submission of a paper implies that the author(s) will register and attend the conference. Registration
will be possible until 15th September. Paper presentations will be scheduled for about 15 minutes
(Maximum 15 pages) and time will also be allocated for discussion. Abstracts should be sent no later
than 25th August to: norlarnet@uib.no

Paper acceptance will be communicated to authors before 15th September. Accepted papers or
presentations (when a full paper is not available) should be received not later than 10th October.

Registration and fees
All participants to the Conference should register before 15th September. All participants should pay
a conference fee of 400 NOK (will cover conference attendance and meals). Registration and
payment will be available at the upcoming conference web site: http://norlarnet2011.b.uib.no/

Important deadlines
Submission of abstracts and proposals for paper sessions: 25th August
Communication of accepted papers: 15th September
Submission of accepted papers or presentations: 10th October

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