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La "Antigüedad" en perspectiva global: conceptos del pasado y construcción de las identidades colectivas

Congreso o simposio | Suiza - Berna
Del 27 al 30 de Octubre de 2010

La conferencia tiene como objetivo discutir las nociones de la antigüedad acuñadas por el pensamiento europeo frente a diferentes contextos históricos y culturales. Se comparan los conceptos del pasado en y  sobre la India, Mesoamérica y Europa. Además, se discutirán su evolución y desarrollo en situaciones de contacto cultural y las transformaciones políticas. Esto incluye la construcción de identidades colectivas con respecto a las transformaciones entre la época pre-colonial, la época colonial y la época de los movimientos de independencia (las campañas de liberación anti-colonial), los procesos de construcción de la nación, y los últimos movimientos políticos indígenas.

"Antiquity" in global perspective: Concepts of the past and the construction of collective identities. Conference Theme: Ever since the humanism of the 16th century, a ‘classical antiquity’ has been created in Europe: The canonized past of a Greek and Roman ancient world was claimed to give orientation for the present.

This classical antiquity with its patterns for describing alterity has also shaped the European perception of indigenous cultures in other parts of the world. Beyond this, the interpretation of archaeological findings in non-European societies by early explorers and cultural historians was characterized by the frequent transfer and projections of Old World models of antiquity. Did and do different kinds of ‘antiquity’ exist in non-European cultures? What processes of construction of a (distant) past, which is being fixed and equipped with normative properties, can be observed outside of Europe? In which ways is the past socially relevant in these regions before the onset of European colonization? What changes of these concepts of the past can be perceived under the conditions of European colonization? Which past is being updated in the nationalistic and ethnic liberation campaigns of the 19th and 20th centuries? Do the concepts of the past of colonial elites differ from the ideas of popular culture? In which way did European notions of antiquity influence the national research traditions on history and antiquity that developed in Mesoamerica and India in the 19th and 20th centuries? The European construction of antiquity is not to be the starting point for the debate on these questions. Rather, the comparative analysis of meanings and instrumental use of the past in and about the Indian subcontinent on the one hand and Mesoamerica, on the other will be at its centre.

Participating scholars from various disciplines include: Prof. Dr. Arndt Brendecke, Universität Bern; Prof. Dr. John F. Chuchiak, Missouri State University; Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gabbert, Leibniz Universität Hannover; Dr. Ueli Hostettler, Universität Bern and Fribourg; Prof. Dr. Jamal Malik, Universität Erfurt; Gabina Aurora Pérez Jiménez, Universiteit Leiden; Prof. Dr. Stefan Rebenich, Universität Bern; Prof. Dr. Jakob Rösel, Universität Rostock; Prof. Dr. Jeremy A. Sabloff, Santa Fe Institute; Prof. Dr. Jens Schlieter, Universität Bern; Prof. Dr. Alain Schnapp, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne; Dr. Indra Sengupta, German Historical Institute London; Dr. Clemens Six, Universität Bern; PD Dr. Adrian Stähli, Universität Zürich; Prof. Dr. Romila Thapar, University of Neu Delhi.

For more information about the conference program and registration: please visit the conference website or contact the conference organizers: Ute Schüren, Daniel Marc Segesser and Thomas Späth at the Center for Global Studies and Department of History, Universität Bern, Länggassstrasse 49, CH-3000 Bern 9, Switzerland, Email: ute.schueren@hist.unibe.ch. Visitors of the conference are kindly asked to register no later than October 20, 2010.

Inscription for students is free. Inscription fee for other attendees is 50 CHF. The conference will be held at the "Haus der Universität" and the "Unitobler" of the University of Berne. The Conference is organized under the patronage of the: Schweizerische Amerikanisten-Gesellschaft (SSA/SAG) and the Schweizerische Vereinigung für Altertumswissenschaft (SVAW).

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