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Advances in Tourism Economics 2007

Congreso o simposio | Portugal - Vila Nova de Santo André
del 06-04-2007 al 07-04-2007
This conference is the second in a series of biannual conferences on ‘Advances in Tourism Economics’ and follows the outcome of the 2005 conference (Évora, 18-19 March 2005).
The 2007 conference is organized by Instituto Piaget and will be held in Vila Nova de Santo André (Portugal) on 6-7 April 2007, aiming to bring together prominent economists and other researchers with a special interest on the tourism phenomenon to debate recent advances in tourism economics and management. By focusing on the theme of recent advances in tourism economics, ATE 2007 will provide an opportunity for gathering, analysing, and debating state-of-the-art academic research on this recent field of economic science.
While a strong theoretical background remains as the fundamental watermark of papers to be accepted in this conference series, the 2007 conference intends to go beyond fundamental research by welcoming also applied papers providing up to date information on the evolution of tourism destinations and products, hotel management and quality control, e-tourism, new marketing and management tools and sustainability & environment, among others, namely on a case study basis.
By doing so, the conference will provide for a better understanding of the rapidly growing tourism market worldwide, namely covering academic researchers and private investors that recognise qualified information and data as an important competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Overall, the 2007 conference will continue to showcase the impact of academic research on tourism economics by addressing broad thematic ideas of high public interest not only among academics and practioners but also among a larger audience including students, teachers, policy-makers, private investors and the broader community in general.

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